This site is plainly about wizard 101, if you dont know about this then maybe if you are a gamer you and possibly your family would be on a journey of a lifetime!!! go to www.wizard101.com for more info on this game. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


k i finally made the comics 2 and 3, go to the comcis page to see them! (sorry about the size, ill make sure i fix that, comment on them and tell me if you can read them ok.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

stupid school

sorry i havent been posting everyone! i have been getting a lot involved in school, math, volleyball, science prodject, SO SORRY ALL, anyways, i finished drawing comic number 5, ill give you number 2 and 3 some time this week, oh, and i fought katia for my helephant statue yesterday xD take a look above and see how frustrated i am xD !

Friday, April 23, 2010

gone off break...and WOAH!

hi everyone! sry i havent posted in a while, i was sorta taking time off my laptop, but, woah, I MADE 2 NEW COMICS!!!???? hehe, how cool is that? also, i made a new cover of the comics, i am organising them by making episodes, and also making comic #'s in that episode (note # is numbers.......duh!!!! xD)
anyways, i just need to scan them, ill tell you on the post when they are ready, but for now, just check on the comic page to the right of this post, heh heh, ill reaname it so comics are in the front, so, bye for now!


Monday, April 19, 2010


rofl, ok, TAA-DAA!!! I MADE A PAGE WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE COMICS! (click on it to see the screen, then click again to see it at the full size) its to the right under the picture and my title right ova here as you can see,(follow the arrows with your mouse and eyes) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Saturday, April 17, 2010


the comics are COMING! HOW AWESOME IS THAT????!!!! i have finished the first comic, now i just need to scan it on my computer and then post it on the new page over here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
anyways, its coming soon!!!!!! POSSIBLY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! HOPE FOR THE BEST! (enjoy the picture below for no reason xD) and i hope you will like it! :D!!!!!


the awesome desks

ok, so at my house i got somewhat bored cause only like, 3 friends were on xD, but anyways i went to the bazaar and bought some school desks, take a look at my creation above!
well, so the bazaar didnt have myth or balance -_-" sry balance and myth fans, but i will eventually get those schools, and what i love about this picture is that on the side of the desks (besids storm, sry i couldnt find anything storm!) i made cool little items that relate to each school! anyways, enjoy whatever your doing on wizard 101! :D

Friday, April 16, 2010

a statement on fire (how this site got to be)

ok, so you may wonder (probably not xD) why i made this site, well for wizards who needed info on farming i am going to post, and some game help,  but thats not the real point of this site, the real point was that, well, your all aware of david and dustin's blog, wizard101 info, well i made comics for them, and thats EXSACTLY why i made this site, this will be the awesomeness site of the new comics i will be making, THE FEARLESS FIRE WIZARD, comic one is coming soon, and i hope you will enjoy the awesome humor in the comics as much fun they will be to make them! :D!!!!!

ciao for now! -fearless

Monday, April 12, 2010

the update of the pets

hey all! have you ever wondered actually WHEN the update for pets will happen???? its killing me not knowing! but they said around spring so thats SOON ^-^ i cant wait!!!!!!! ok, so here is a picture of me feeling sorrowful having my pet not alive -_-" too bad, queen amber looked pretty awesome, too, hopefully when the pets come out helephants will be a LOT bigger! hahaha well cya all laterz!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

a little thing i'de like to call: WANDCAST!

ok so good friends of mine named dustin and david are going live on speakers, i am going live with them tonight and we will be rocking the whole time! go to this site, www.livestream.com/podcastwandcast to hear us at the following times:

eastern: 8:00 pm
central: 7:00 pm
mountain:6:00 pm
pacific: 5:00 pm


Friday, April 9, 2010

the dragons flying higher!

haha hi everyone! fearless here! this new post is about my mount, my redwing, ok so here, i was at amber's house in the game and she got this dirt pile, so while i was on it she took it away and i was floating in midair on my dragon!!! take a look at the picture above!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

me and amber, vs the jade oni

hiya everyone! ok, so me and my friend: Amber Stargem, were fighting the jade oni today, i got a cool group picture! ok, so i forgot to full size the picture lol, but there is me and there is amber. chao for now!

the new blogger

hello everyone! this is my first time blogging, but this is about wizard101, yes, 101, this site is all about that, once i learn more on how to control this site, ill make entertainment for you all!
my name is Samantha Thunderdust, code name: The Fearless Fire Wizard!!!!!