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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What? my internet?!?

Sorry for the low update on the comic, my internet has been really acting up all throughout last week, today when I got on I just barely managed to get on with only 2 bars of connection!! Please hold out, computer!!
   Anyway it's nothing I can deal with right now, but I'm safe to say I finished making the scetch for comic 1!!! Don't freak out, you can still get a chance to be a main character in the comic! and yes, no small stick figures anymore, its going to be pure and solid, with some cool shading effects I learned on my own!
   I'm making some cool stamps for people who enter the comic, so they have absolute proof it's them!!! Altough I really want them to look good, so they might take a while.

The 1st page to the comic will be here in I'm guessing a day or two, I'll try my hardest to keep a steady pace with this comic, and possibly learn how to bring up links to the picture enstead of just planting them on the page...

Whew, I got a lot to work on, better that then have nothing at all!!!

-small words, BIG UPDATE!!!!!
-Samantha Thunderdust

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The First 3 Characters REVEALED!

RWWS: Comic comming soon...

Characters: 4 remaining open spots

Thats the main update so far, and I finally got the nerve to show you guys what they look like!!!

Yeah I know, the quality of this is really bad, I'll try to improove on less messups during scetching!

So thats the update, Amber is on the left, Samantha is in the middle, and Dustin is on the right. Click to enlarge if you want to look at more details in the scetching.

Thats all the news I have so far, I'll hopefully have an update soon!!!


P.S: I'm still looking for some brave souls to help fight evil in another world!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Update poster comming soon!!!

To keep everyone on track of the new characters in my comic, I made a RWWS news page up below my blog image.
  What I have recently been working on was a colored/complete drawing of all the characters, the more that sign up, the more updates I'll have, and the more the drawing gets complete! right now there is only two characters, myth, fire, and storm so all other schools are open! and on the page you may think the characters names are a little weird, but its just the japanese names for them, and I want my comic as close to japanese style as I can!
 So I sketched the poster, now I just need to complete it with ink and other materials and it will be finished! I promise, it will look like way better quality then my last comic! and I won't ruin the comic with paint splatters, (sadly like the last comic) and if I do, I'll redo the whole thing just for you all!!

The comic will start once I have the storyline and the characters, but for now, I'm working on all 7 characters, but I can't start drawing the others unless I know who is going to be the character!

-Thanks for taking your time to read this update! keep a eye on the RWWS news page cause thats where the update poster will be!!!

Samantha Thunderdust.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Comic's have changed

Most of you probably thought of my skills as the so called 'stick figure' comic was 'incomplete'. Well, thats exsactly what I think of it now when I look back at it, in my imagination. Well, now this comic will be based on school, drama, action, etc.... but the only few things I need to do now is to

1. study the human body. (drawing shouldiers, arms, legs, etc.)
2. Make a storyline for this whole comic and base it up, completely organized.

This, I can do in my free time, especially #1. #2, however, in my case wont be the most easy or difficult part in my hand. One thing I can say is that this comic will be based on other wizard's opinions and thoughts throughout the comic, there wont be much of a main character, but what I need most help in about this whole comic base is that.....

....I need YOUR help.

Good enough? well not completely need your help, but if you had any idea about the wizard school or any fun idea you would like to see made by artwork from yours truly, then contact me!!! you can send me comments, gmail, anything you think is usefull. This is'nt to benefit me, it's to benefit ALL of you if you had any idea.

I guess thats all I have to say, remember, its optional, and you don't have to.

To all I say goodbye, and happy veterens day! (hopefully good spelling!)

-Samantha T.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I've decided!

Thanks for your feed back, I really needed it! I sat back in wonder lately, and I decided I think I am going to go on with posting and celestia, just not as often, I hope thats ok!

And no worries! I wont be dishing out a good post on something so many have posted about!!! I'll find cool glitches, tips, and even amazing and funny story's to tell you all! you deserve it!! ....Possibly I might go back into making NEW comics.... maybe even a short ANIMATION! I have been working on all of that awesome entertanment! and I wont have a giant focus on my own character, it will be on others, as well!!!!

I just got a vibe for a brand new comic comming soon...
What will be the name???

It will be called.........

but thats all I will tell you!!

My fire says goodbye!
-Samantha Thunderdust

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm.....Possibly done.

Lately, I've noticed that celestia came out, and I havent even been on once! why? I have not one single idea myself. I think I waited too long for celestia, checking the news online every single day, waiting on my days for it to come, and right when I was deciding wether or not if I should quit, it comes out. So now I'm in between a rock and a hard place, I wan't to go on, but I don't want the constant stress of the game come out and stab my real life in the back... I know that playing Wizard101 was amazing, and I was constantly smiling over and over at the game...but, I'm not so sure now. Thanks to Dustin Mooncatcher, David Titanrider, Amber Stargem, Amber Rosepetal, Kestrel Shadowthistle, Cassandra Lifecaster, and all everyone has done to try their best to keep me going on wizard101.

now, I'm not so sure.

I'd ask for advice, but I just want to know how you feel about all of this sudden burst of sadness...
Thanks for everything, everyone
-Samantha Thunderdust.

P.S: Don't take this the wrong way at all! nobody said anything personal to me on the game, this is just how I have constantly been feeling lately! warm reguards!