This site is plainly about wizard 101, if you dont know about this then maybe if you are a gamer you and possibly your family would be on a journey of a lifetime!!! go to www.wizard101.com for more info on this game. Enjoy! :)

the RWWS comic News

Names of the 7 main characters:

Akihitomi= Main character, (Samantha Thunderdust) Fire.

Kohaku Hoshikei = (Amber Stargem) Myth.

Arashi Tsukiumi = (Dustin Mooncatcher) Storm

More will be added, comment on any post if you want to join, before all the 7 comic spots are taken!!!

Character Image Page:

Note: Any school already taken that is your school will most likely mean you will not be a main character in the story unless its apporved by the owner of the comic, aka, Samantha Thunderdust.