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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A new Grand Diviner is born...?

Hey everyone! sorry for all the delayed posts! as for that I can give some PvP advice. So yeah *looks up at the top* is the title really true? well YES it is, I surprisingly got my storm hat on my SECOND try from Viktor Snowcrusher (drake hatchery) when my fire takes months to try and get it! hah! (sorry fire!) well anyway I am jumping out of my seat right now I am so excited for PvP! ok, so back to the advice (note the following, if you have a storm character and a fire character you want to PvP with, and you don't know how, here is a few tips for only THESE schools.

Fire Tips:

Important spells:

use these for an advantage during offensive, and for defesive, here are some good ones to know:

Sorry but I am out of time! I'll tell you storm tips on my next post!

-Until next time (whenever that is!)

Samantha T. and Samantha R.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh my gosh, my eyes have been really amazing lately, and you may of noticed the news about Selena Gomez coming to the spiral right? well did you see her video? take a closer look ... I SEE NEW SPELLS! my guess is that the first one is balance and the second one is fire.....do you want the link to the video? well here it is:


the spells are going to be like ALADDAN and GENIES!!!! I am not sure if anyone else spotted this, but I just had to post it as soon as possible! oh wow I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!

Did you see those new spells?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Storm lord

yesterday, I finally got my storm to get to level 48, it was brutle and it even took a year, but I finally done it! with amazing results!

sigh, don't you just love final spells?

this is what I had to do to get it:
-beat five gearheads
-and talk to people


yeah, way different from fire:
-talk to some people
-fight bosses from EVERY world

so um, yeah fire was WAY harder! heh


Friday, September 3, 2010

comic #11

Dangit....sorry for the giant wait for comic #11. This comic was a major fail. I tried paint on it for the first time and it spilled all over, heh, not good! but I think i got qualities O.K, but man, the chat bubbles are HORRIBLE! (I blame my computer) well anyway, I have been trying to get this new software for drawing on my laptop, its called: manga studio (4) and I really want it. But I need to save up my money to get it......bummer...

well anyway here is the comic:

um... I think you know this but click to enlarge! heh...

please comment if you have time!!!


P.S: You guessed it! thats someone (awefully familiar....hmm) in the last panel!!!! ... but just who is this person.... yeah, you know who you are!!!!