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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color...color...and, Samantha??!!

Um, so, the title is a little strange...?

I've been using color differently recently (ly ly ly!) So this is a whole new style covered for me, its a little messy, but hey, its called a 'scetch' not the actual thing!!! ;D

So, Um, take a look:

yeah, I changed up her hair. But it's an ANIME comic for crying out loud!!!
I rushed the jeans, and I got the size of them a little off...

What the main focus is: her hair. I made my own style of awesome hair, don't worry guys (Dustin and Amber) I won't change the style of Wizard101, OR your characters, This is my character, so I wanted to make her stand out a bit, eh?

well another focus you might want to study (ohmygosh, HOMEWORK) I'm not finished, You might want to study the language on the side, (if you want to know what they are writing/reading, or I'll just put in a deciferer on the bottom of each word..) its a made-up language for wizard city, and yes, I'm going to have to study celestian text If they are going to go to celestia...

well, this is just the drawing board, so if you have any ideas for the comic (landscapes, characters, critiques) then let me know, I'll definetly want to listen!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust

Monday, December 27, 2010

Updated, and refreshed

I'm sooooo tired!! its 2:00 in the morning where I am, so I am going to have to go to bed, like, now.

before I go though, I'd like to say that practice has payed off on my hand, this is another preview poster for the RWWS comic, with WAY more results than the last one, and MUCH more comic related.

Luckily I'm not ticking you off for torturing you with the long wait, for the comic I mean. But this is the first time I used screen tone *aka, special effects* to make the scetches come to life...wow, I'm still really tired!!

I guess I better get to bed, but enjoy the scetch!!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust.


have you recently checked the 'drawings and ideas' page? well I changed it now so it show's all of my digital drawings that are related to w101, even some practice on the new comic!

so, um, check it sometime if you want!

-Samantha Thunderdust
P.S: any drawing requests?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas cheer and a....coming soon poster??!!!!

"how amazing would it be if I could make a realistic Wizard101 comic?"

"what if I could add real players from Wizard101 into the comic??!!"

"what if I could make a comic that would blow people away with creativity??!!"

Two words: all answered. Thats right, for christmas, I DID GET EXACTLY what I needed for the comic.

And whats better? a coming soon poster ;)

Uh huh, I made this with my own hands, my SECOND drawing made ONLINE on my COMPUTER.

This comic will be the best comic in the history of Wizard101. I know, I'm gettting a little overconfident here, but I am just so excited, I will be willing to change the history of artwork on this site.

Again, I thank you for waiting patiently for me to get the software, and it will pay off, I promise

-The artwork was made by me at the top, if your still too dumbfounded to notice, lol.

as always and ALWAYS will be..
-Samantha Thunderdust.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So boring...

Sorry, about the whole no-posts in a while, I've been really REALLY busy. But, I can tell you this:

The comics can be on hold, but with better quality, or I could give you the comic now.

What this means is that I am most likely going to get software for my computer after christmas, a software that can create comics that are exactly real. Have you ever looked at any of the comics in a book store called 'manga' or 'anime'? well it will have that same kind of depth and style to them. If you can wait that long, that is.

of course, if you like the hand-drawn comics better when I use color and pencil to them to add to the basicness, sure, ill do that. The bright side about this is that I already made the first page to the comic with this style, in case you want to see it really really soon.

I need to know if I have permission from you guys to wait until after christmas to start the comic if you want it to look better, or to start it now with color if you want to see it right away.

Anyway, I NEED an opinion on this, contact me, or go on Wizard101, or even skype if you have to!

Ok, fine, ill make it easy for you. You can just comment on this site, if you want to of course. I'm not forcing you to comment, but I am going to need a response if I want to get anywhere in this comic. Sorry if I just put you on the spot like this, but I'm going to have to know what to do, and I need your help to decide!!!

I ask for a response, I hope thats not asking for too much...

Yeah, I know, no pictures :( I havent played Wizard101 in a while, (like, a month) but I'll get back to it soon, but its pretty late where I am now, so I'm constantly yawning as I write this...But goodbye for now, and hopefully I'll get back with you soon!!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha T.

P.S: I have been working on a storyline a whole lot lately, so it will have tons of twists and turns, and exciting Action!!!!! but I have to ask...

Do you guys want romance in the comic?

I can tell you'll be probably rolling your eyes at me by now, lol. But if you think it will ALL be about cheesey love and girly girls and obsessions and (yadda yadda blah blah blah) then your DEAD WRONG. And I'm not overusing the DEAD in that sentence, either :3 so I want some feedback on this, also!

P.S.S: I have been getting shocked all over the place, and now I'm afraid of my car door, lol, have you been getting shocked a lot lately, too?