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Saturday, August 21, 2010

AWESOME house!

Woah (coughs) that last post was really slow, sorry I havent posted really at ALL! Been getting a little bored of W101, waiting for celestia, drawing, excuse excuse haha but really it has been getting boring! D: but I explored an awesome house today and the owner's name was Benjamin Fairydust, a good friend of mine.  so here are some awesome picks!

these pictures dont even show the half of all the creativity!!!
I love the house Ben! 100% creative!

peace out

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sorry been comic making

Hey everyone its been a while! its been a little hard since I just started school, but i'll catch up!

-short post I know lol!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catching up

Hey guys, I wanted to write a bit today about the comics, for those of you who want more details in the story, or, ahem, whats happened so far then here is your chance! the story below is going to take place when Samantha woke up from a long sleep! ... all I can say is enjoy! :D

Chapter 1, Going home

Samantha's mind suddenly snapped out of her trance. She squinted her eyes, still not wanting to wake up. She groaned in pain, she didn't have time to think when suddenly random sun rays shot at her eyes trying to get her to wake up. The tired Samantha finally budged, opening her eyes slightly. Finally awake she shot up and looked around. She was in a small room, big enough to put to normal beds next to each other to take up the whole room. It had white-ish green walls with yellow floors and one window with violet curtains about as big as she was tall. Samantha scrambled around, trying to remember what happened. While collecting her memory, a sighn was on the wall. It read: 'Wizard City Hospital' Samantha looked around for more clues to why she was here. "what in the world....wait...I was in Headmaster Ambrose's tower...then? ugh! I am so confused!" she thought. Before she could look around anymore she heard a noise. It was more like a whining noise. "a Heckhound? ...no, its too low pitched, its sounds like a dragon, but its too much like a whimper, maybe--" she was cut off when she saw a familiar friend. "REX!" she shouted joyfully pulling the firezilla into a friendly embrace. "I havent seen you in a while, buddy!" she said as a small smile played on her face. "GROWL!!!" was the reply of the red dinosaur. Before the two compainions could talk the brown mahogany wooden door burst open. "Samantha! oh thank heavens your ok!" a familiar woman said. She had red eyes, with a beautiful face with no wrinkles, with a red pendant that was shaped like a sphiere. She had a long dress that was slim and went all the way down to the floor, you couldn't even see her shoes! at the bottome her carrot colored dress curved upwards, looking like moving fire, and even moved around like fire itself! upwards her hair didn't dangle down, enstead it stuck up and moved in the morning breeze like a wyldfire. Samantha's blank face quickly turned into a giant grin, showing all of her white teeth. "MASTER!! ITS YOU!!!" she said in joy. "shhh! not so loud! its five A.M so you need to keep quiet!" she said looking around worried. "oh....sorry!" Samantha whipered. "its ok! now that your fine--oh! can you walk, are you hurt?" the teacher said quickly. "well, my head hurts a little, but other than that, I feel well rested!" Samantha said proudly. "ok, come with me then, you have a lot to learn, plus I'll escort you to your home" The fire teacher said. "alright, shall we take the dragon?" Sam asked. "but of course!" the teacher said in a 'why would'nt we' way. "OH YEAH!!!!!" Samantha shouted in excitement, not even thinking. She quickly threw her hands on her lips realising what she did wrong. Now both Samantha and the Fire teacher's puples were smaller than a pebble when they heard a grouchy voice and several groans. "HEY! LOUD MOUTH!!!! ITS FIVE A.M!! BE QUIET OR I'LL HIT YOU WITH MY CANE!" the voice threatened. The voice was coming below. Samantha and the Fire teacher's voices were now in unison: "uh oh, time to go...NOW!" they both said as they whistled a call for their dragon and escaped the now seemingly angry hospital.

Chapter 2: Crimson explanations........(comming soon!)


Whew! that was fun! well this is basicly comic number nine, but the next chapter is a cut out from the comic, but I still like it! well for now I need to go, so....

Cya! ...oh and can you say hi to my dragon for me? :)


Friday, August 6, 2010

comic #10

whew! it took some work but I managed to make comic 10, and in good time too!

click to enlarge:

hope you can read it!!!

My comments on this page:
this page uses a lot of black and white! and David Titanrider (no, didnt use titan blade lol)
and Dustin Mooncatcher are introduced in this comic, while Samantha writes in a journal
(if you arent confused from comic 9, the fire teacher checks on Samantha because she wants to escort her to her home.
Now Samantha is home and writing about how her week went.)
WOW! to me where is shows David and Dustin I didn't try to hard in that panel! sorry D: so it looks a little scetchy

but this is comic 10!!!!!! My first comic EVER to reach 10 pages!!!!!!

well I should check on W101 for anything new xD

so chao!

P.S: Don't you just LOVE that little cute stormzilla at the bottom? I know I do!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random test realm

The test realm is back!!! but to our info reading about what its for made me hapilly squeal. The info went a little bit like this:

title: Party in the Test Realm!

To improve the performance of Wizard 101 for all our players, we've been updating our login servers to speed up the time it takes to log in the game.

(ill get to another good part, the rest is just talking about what the test realm is)

So log in, log out, log back into the test realm and really stress out our new logn servers to the fullest. With your help, we'll be able to make logging in faster for everyone.


Pretty neat huh? well this is really intresting to me. FINALLY, BETTER LOADING! WOOT!!!!

kick malistares butt

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey everyone! its been a few days since I last posted. I am just here to give you a quick update today.

I have been working some ways on the comics whenever I have free time, so I am just here to say hi.

Hope I didn't miss anything hahaha xD


Wow a really short post :D