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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

COMIC 9!!!! ....and random bloggers party

YES!!!! finally i finished comic 9!!!! CELEBRATE!!!!!! hahahaha ok so here is the comic:

note: i tried to make the chat bubbles better, by adding text, tell me how it is, i know it may be a little sloppy at first but i will learn eventually :D

click to enlarge ^^  anyway comment on this the text is new so i need an opinion to the new chat :)

well.... cya----

(sorry for shouting haha)

There was a short bloggers party today here is a photo:

funny huh?
there was at least over 10 people!

it all started when me and David (Titanrider)
ported to Benjamin Fairydust's PvP match,
more people ported and ported!
at max there was 15 people i think
cool huh?

also if you hadnt noticed, i am now an OFFCIAL bloggers club member, as shown to the right

well thats all i can say now!
i got a lot to do, so Cya fellow bloggers and W101 players!
-Samantha Thunderdust

Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic 9 coming soon!!!

So yeah, the title says it all, I will post comic 9 TOMORROW!!!!! the new detail is REALLY cool! be sure to check it tomorrow, I'd say i would post it around 12:00 pm (eastern time zone)

so yeah, thats all thats to it,

uhhh, anything left to say?

no? yes? ..............oh right!!!!

My storyline for the comic has come along nicely, in fact I have been working on it quite a lot recently!

I have the comic already up to page 12, but adding special effects makes it even better! :D

well thats all I have to say for now, haha its 10:40 pm so I think I should start to work on wording my comics and fixing it up on the interet. Haha well whats left to say?

all that is left is this:

I cant wait for CELESTIA!!!!!! hahahahaha

Well Cya Tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lvl 45

Today my Storm alt LEVELED UPNow they are level 45, I got a cool picture of her new gear:

here is a closer picture (i know the first one is hard to see xD)

TAA DAA!!! hahaha, I love the dragon designs

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today,  I was questing on my storm character, who is now lvl 44! (anyway) i was in the great spiral doing the storyline when i saw that when you go into the past dragonspyre its SO pretty, i took some foto's of the time machine too, its really cool!

(time machine)

(dragonspyre, 100 years ago i think)

(notice that its water enstead of lava)

isnt the past dragonspyre so wonderful?

it looks, so.....peaceful


Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm back!

Hey, everyone! after a long week I finally came back! I know its been a major while D: but I am going to try to post new things when I am going to go to michigan (most likely August 1st) my family up there has a family computer they let me use all the time so i think ill be able to post.

well anyways its good to be back!!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whats just weird

Ok i might seem a little dumb for not noticing this but i took a picture in mooshu on my way to a quest, and i noticed this:

I dont know if you see it, but look to the left of me, idk if anyone noticed this or its apart of the warehouse quest, but the words of the book say "book of CELESTIAL WISDOM," ..... if you missed the last part:
Ring a bell from Celestia? i wonder if this gives you advice on celestia, or if it was just apart of the quest and i am being a little excited for nothing...?

have you noticed this before?


Thursday, July 8, 2010


on Monday I wont be here, I am sad to say I need to put the comics on hold ... Sorry I am going to Surf Camp
to learn how to surf, (why? because its just something I always wanted to learn) anyways I need to stay at my grandmothers house, and her computer is really slow.....so ill be taking a break for I think 4 days. In the mean time ill practice my drawing skills a little more so I will be even better when i get back :D

-sorry I will be gone for a while


 P.S, Just for the record Dustin Mooncatcher and David Titanrider (hope i spelled correctly) have wandcast going on at 8:30 (eastern time) just for a reminder!  

-Good luck guys!!!

 Surfer 1

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whats been on my mind

Ok there is one thing i have been having on my mind:

What if I made an Animated opening scean for the Fearless fire wizard?

thats what I have had on my mind for a while, like a little mini short I would make for the Fearless Fire wizard, a short moving picture? the only thing is that I dont know how to do that xD so I might learn, maybe some day ill make the fearless fire wizard actually a moving picture o: we wont know until I learn how! :D

Its a strange idea isnt it?


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 2 new comics and introducing new characters

Finally i got done coloring comics 7 and 8, we have 2 new characters that will be a part of the storyline, and i made it official. But (dont worry guys) they had a small part in comic 8, but ill put them in the detailed comic really soon! (this is all i am revealing: these new characters are the first to visit Samantha after a mysterious problem)

anyway here are comics 7 and 8:

Click to enlarge

Oh i also have some awesome news!!!
Starting next comic will be the NEW HIGH DETAIL!!!!!

One more thing:
 Flag Wave  Happy Hat  Smiley Fireworks 


Friday, July 2, 2010

Computer drawing

Lately I have been getting a little bored, so I have been drawing a lot lately on the computer, you know when you can paint and stuff? well i drew a new blog picture above ^ as you may of noticed, i also drew this for starters:

I guess being bored has its advantages, right? ^-^
 o plus my pet just hatched too as i was writing this, hahaha

-Samantha :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My new pet

I got yet ANOTHER egg recently, ugh maybe I wasnt so lucky the first time cause i got another helephant (like malorn said) in the egg in the last post, but now i am happy, and you know why? i just got a new pet! i went to the dye shop after I mixed balance Orthrus and Helephant, this is what you get if you have the helephant:

amazing isnt it? :D its armor is AMAZING! so i am in a happy mood right now xD