This site is plainly about wizard 101, if you dont know about this then maybe if you are a gamer you and possibly your family would be on a journey of a lifetime!!! go to www.wizard101.com for more info on this game. Enjoy! :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the ravenwood ball and the loads of people

so there was a ball for ravenwood last night and i forgot to post it that night xD but i took some pictures that i think you would enjoy! the party was a blast, when at max, over 250 people were there! :D (let me explain a little more, the ravenwood ball was a giant party for the site: diary of a wizard... i think xD give all the credit to fallon ShadowBlade but it was sure enough a blast and i thought it was the biggest party in all of wizard101! or atleast one of them!) anyways i got some pictures ill share with you:
here is one just when i got there, and more people were teleporting....xD!

here is one i'd like to call: one big blob of wizards! lol.

well thats all that arent so messy with tons of chat bubbles xD

-catch you guys later!

Friday, May 28, 2010

the starlight pony

hey guys, i was farming a boss on wednesday and i got a STARLIGHT PONY! (those of you who dont know what that is, look below the text) anyways, it was only 1 day so it expired yesterday -_-" well, i still got some good pictures while it lasted, take a look:
what do you think? cool huh?

oh and p.s, if you were wondering, i got it from rattlebones in unicorn way, he also drops a myth sprite, enjoy farming! ^-^

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm being random today

ok ill just show you a random picture i drew cause i am just being random today Rolling On Floor Laughing ok...

taa daa! randomness!!!! (lol) ok so back to wizard101...
i have been doing some reserch on the new pets coming out,(for exsample, like the icebird and the icezilla, etc) and i am here to tell you you can find it all on wizard101 centrel! (i think i spelled it wrong... o well xD) ok so anyways they are really cool pets to look at i would reccomend going on there if you are a serious pet fan x3 well cya for now!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wandcast on wizard101info!

 Jump For Joy ok, so David TitonRider and Dustin Mooncatcher have a blog, (duh! xD) and they are having another episode of wandcast, i am here to tell you all it will be a blast!!!! go to their site, http://www.wizard101info.blogspot.com/ for more info, because obviously i dont know too much about it, you get to hear them live and talk about wizard101, ask questions in the chat bar on the side of the comments, they might answer!!!!

-fearless            P.S, thanks David and Dustin for inspiring me to make this site, i appriciate it!  Happy

 Jump For Joy  Sunshine  Teethy  Cool  Laugh  Lol  Teethy  Cool  Smiles  Spinning  Wavinghehe bye! 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Changing it all

ok, so i finally sat down and changed up my site a little to a better perspective? what do you think? tell me if you can read the fonts and colors and such! :D ^-^ enjoy your time everyone! Smilefirst time using smileys too, how bout it???? Surprised

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the idea and the introduction

ok, so here is my idea: i am going to finish episode 1 and 2 of the comics, but that means i will need more IDEAS! thats where you come in, you give me a great idea, ill put you in the comic, but it has to be one that fits into the story!!!! (note: you should look at epiusodes 1 and 2, 2 not introduced yet, so wait to give me ideas about the story).

ok, so you might ask: WHAT IS THIS COMIC ABOUT!!!??? well you tell me after this introduction!!!

Samantha put her book down on her desk, she read the front cover over and over, it felt so girly in her head, as she repeated: "diary,diary,diary....hmph" she hated to be called a "girly girl", because it reminded her about princesses, and she did not wait for a stupid prince to come and save her! she had to do stuff on her own. She looked around, noticing her room, it was medium-sized, and very comfortable. Samantha sighed "i guess ill have to write in my diary again.......ugh" she groaned, and opened it up, then she touched her neck with her right hand, as a necklace came into her touch. It was her mothers necklace, the one she gave Samantha right before she passed away, then she felt the chain around it, this was her dad's gold chain, unfortunetly he passed as well. Samantha said to herself ".....dad.......mom...." she closed her golden yellow eyes, or shall we call it the eyes of the dragon. Samantha looked up, and saw her front yard, her room was isolated from the rest of her house, of course, a 12-year-old would'nt be on her own, but she HAD to be, she could take care of herself. Samantha had gold-ish hair and a black and red outfit, with fire designs. As much as you think she was alone, she wasnt, Queen Amber, her pet, always was with her, and her parents...well, they were watching over her. She also had her friends with her as well. Her memories flooded back as she closed the diary, and put her head down on the desk, she started shutting her life-filled eyes, when something startled her. Something made her house shake, and she got up right away and rushed out of her room. "oh....no.....it cant be! the dragon titon SURVIVED??? HE IS ALIVE!!!!!! i need to stop him RIGHT NOW!" Samantha called her dragon and dove on its back, sailing out of her home and into the spiral. Out of nowhere something hit her and made her spiral into the darkness!!! "AHHHHH!!!!!!!! EVERBURN!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!.....ahhh........".  She fell into the darkness! ...this is where our story begins...!!!!
not too bad huh? :D well tell me what you think!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

NASA field trip

ok, so do you guys know that the last shuttle launch will be tomorrow on firday? :D well i am going on a field trip for science class that SAME day!!!!! cool huh? i am going to take some pictures with my digital camera, and maybe even show you some! x) well i am so flipping excited? wouldnt you be???

-fearless                                P.S, i finished comic #4, and done scetching 5 and 6! coming

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

take a look at these drawings!

ok, here are the 2 drawings, ill also put them in my "ideas and scetches" page, well, hope you like them! ^-^

pretty cool huh? anyways cya for now!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

how about letting my mind race?

ok >-<  i made a new page that will start today, when i am not making comics, i may dootle or make really cool sketches out of pencil!!!!! huh? ^-^ how awesome is that???!!!! ok, so far i made 2 drawings that will be put on there some time this week (most likely today or tomorrow, ill make another post to tell you when they are here) so keep your eyes peeled!!!! oh, this is off topic but i hatched another egg, it was my vote for best-looking pet! give it up for the hydra!!!!!

                                                                                    p.s, the drawings are, (hint hint) what i call the pet
                                                                                          circle, and the second, my character when she
                                                                                          will  turn 15!!!! xD.

-well, hopefully you will see my drawings soon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

drawing online

hey, everyone! happy mothers day! xD ! anyways i have been working on new ways to draw the cartoons i have been making for you all, and i got an idea, i am not sure its the best one, but what if i drew over the comics that are yet to come on the computer? and add a font to the speech bubbles, so you all could read it better? maybe just the speech bubbles....but it MAY help you all enjoy it better and read it! :D :D :D how good of an idea is that? comment on this if you have another idea in mind, i could use some help in the storyline too!!! (maybe even ill make you in a comic, you may never know! XD XD XD?)

well, cya for now!!-fearless

Thursday, May 6, 2010

spicy peppers

ok, like the picture below, you know that fire comes out of peoples mouths when things are spicy in cartoons? well THATS FIRE!!!??? right??? well i was in the snack shop getting ratioactive pizza when i had to notice that, plus there is so many foods for the other schools and like, only 3 snacks are for fire!!!??? whats up with that? we like ratioactive pizza and CORN???!!! (this isnt making sence for me at all!) i just thought that, well, fire is spicy xD i aint mad, just confuzzled!

tip: dont question the snacks, just feed them to your pet xD !

happy questing!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



tip: when you create an egg for those who don't know, you will get a pet who has the same appearence of one of the pets you mixed and matched

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


hello everyone, yet again on the test realm, i made another egg, i hatched a fire one after mixing with a life satyr and got another helephant, but this time, ITS DIFFERENT! i got one for STORM whom i will give to my alt lvl 32 i think, (she is in mb, in big ben, i feel so bad for her -_-)
anyways, i am guessing it will be a STORMZILLA! ill make it run around my home to find out! hehe, this is so flipping awesome!

Monday, May 3, 2010

taking long for loading, but worth the cool picture

alright,  on the test realm since there is so many people, (it can be annoying xD) its been killing my loading as i am logging in. (its a drag!) but i took a picture while i was on my wings, it was loading so long! so my wings didnt load at the same time as my character and i started FLYING WITH NO WINGS! hehe, i got the picture above, so there you have it :} lol. have fun questing!

-fearless                                         P.S, dont mind the chat thingie at the bottom, i had to take the picture
                                                      quick, so i forgot to take out the chat box xD oppsie me...