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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Funny Coincidence

Hi all! I'm back, sorry I dont have time for the storm spell tips D*: cause I need to go to school soon!!! But I'll get right to the chase. You know that dragonspyre hat, the one that covers all girls hair??? Yep, it gets soooo annoying to wear that dragon-skull thing on my head without showing my hair!!!! Why am I telling you this??? (sorry all boys and girls who like this hat..) I wont complain anymore!! I was on my Storm Grandmaster going through some storm things in my house (typical hahaha) when a single loading glitch occurred, it came to my surprise and actually made me laugh a bit. have you ever wondered what it would look like if your girls hair showed through the dragon-skull hat? well here is your answer!!!!

Now how cool is that??!! This is by far the best glitch I've seen in Wizard101, I could of had the glitch to keep going but i decided to change it back, sadly. Anyway I just thought it would be cool to share this with you all, hopefully the post was worth it!!