This site is plainly about wizard 101, if you dont know about this then maybe if you are a gamer you and possibly your family would be on a journey of a lifetime!!! go to www.wizard101.com for more info on this game. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color...color...and, Samantha??!!

Um, so, the title is a little strange...?

I've been using color differently recently (ly ly ly!) So this is a whole new style covered for me, its a little messy, but hey, its called a 'scetch' not the actual thing!!! ;D

So, Um, take a look:

yeah, I changed up her hair. But it's an ANIME comic for crying out loud!!!
I rushed the jeans, and I got the size of them a little off...

What the main focus is: her hair. I made my own style of awesome hair, don't worry guys (Dustin and Amber) I won't change the style of Wizard101, OR your characters, This is my character, so I wanted to make her stand out a bit, eh?

well another focus you might want to study (ohmygosh, HOMEWORK) I'm not finished, You might want to study the language on the side, (if you want to know what they are writing/reading, or I'll just put in a deciferer on the bottom of each word..) its a made-up language for wizard city, and yes, I'm going to have to study celestian text If they are going to go to celestia...

well, this is just the drawing board, so if you have any ideas for the comic (landscapes, characters, critiques) then let me know, I'll definetly want to listen!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust

Monday, December 27, 2010

Updated, and refreshed

I'm sooooo tired!! its 2:00 in the morning where I am, so I am going to have to go to bed, like, now.

before I go though, I'd like to say that practice has payed off on my hand, this is another preview poster for the RWWS comic, with WAY more results than the last one, and MUCH more comic related.

Luckily I'm not ticking you off for torturing you with the long wait, for the comic I mean. But this is the first time I used screen tone *aka, special effects* to make the scetches come to life...wow, I'm still really tired!!

I guess I better get to bed, but enjoy the scetch!!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust.


have you recently checked the 'drawings and ideas' page? well I changed it now so it show's all of my digital drawings that are related to w101, even some practice on the new comic!

so, um, check it sometime if you want!

-Samantha Thunderdust
P.S: any drawing requests?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas cheer and a....coming soon poster??!!!!

"how amazing would it be if I could make a realistic Wizard101 comic?"

"what if I could add real players from Wizard101 into the comic??!!"

"what if I could make a comic that would blow people away with creativity??!!"

Two words: all answered. Thats right, for christmas, I DID GET EXACTLY what I needed for the comic.

And whats better? a coming soon poster ;)

Uh huh, I made this with my own hands, my SECOND drawing made ONLINE on my COMPUTER.

This comic will be the best comic in the history of Wizard101. I know, I'm gettting a little overconfident here, but I am just so excited, I will be willing to change the history of artwork on this site.

Again, I thank you for waiting patiently for me to get the software, and it will pay off, I promise

-The artwork was made by me at the top, if your still too dumbfounded to notice, lol.

as always and ALWAYS will be..
-Samantha Thunderdust.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So boring...

Sorry, about the whole no-posts in a while, I've been really REALLY busy. But, I can tell you this:

The comics can be on hold, but with better quality, or I could give you the comic now.

What this means is that I am most likely going to get software for my computer after christmas, a software that can create comics that are exactly real. Have you ever looked at any of the comics in a book store called 'manga' or 'anime'? well it will have that same kind of depth and style to them. If you can wait that long, that is.

of course, if you like the hand-drawn comics better when I use color and pencil to them to add to the basicness, sure, ill do that. The bright side about this is that I already made the first page to the comic with this style, in case you want to see it really really soon.

I need to know if I have permission from you guys to wait until after christmas to start the comic if you want it to look better, or to start it now with color if you want to see it right away.

Anyway, I NEED an opinion on this, contact me, or go on Wizard101, or even skype if you have to!

Ok, fine, ill make it easy for you. You can just comment on this site, if you want to of course. I'm not forcing you to comment, but I am going to need a response if I want to get anywhere in this comic. Sorry if I just put you on the spot like this, but I'm going to have to know what to do, and I need your help to decide!!!

I ask for a response, I hope thats not asking for too much...

Yeah, I know, no pictures :( I havent played Wizard101 in a while, (like, a month) but I'll get back to it soon, but its pretty late where I am now, so I'm constantly yawning as I write this...But goodbye for now, and hopefully I'll get back with you soon!!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha T.

P.S: I have been working on a storyline a whole lot lately, so it will have tons of twists and turns, and exciting Action!!!!! but I have to ask...

Do you guys want romance in the comic?

I can tell you'll be probably rolling your eyes at me by now, lol. But if you think it will ALL be about cheesey love and girly girls and obsessions and (yadda yadda blah blah blah) then your DEAD WRONG. And I'm not overusing the DEAD in that sentence, either :3 so I want some feedback on this, also!

P.S.S: I have been getting shocked all over the place, and now I'm afraid of my car door, lol, have you been getting shocked a lot lately, too?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What? my internet?!?

Sorry for the low update on the comic, my internet has been really acting up all throughout last week, today when I got on I just barely managed to get on with only 2 bars of connection!! Please hold out, computer!!
   Anyway it's nothing I can deal with right now, but I'm safe to say I finished making the scetch for comic 1!!! Don't freak out, you can still get a chance to be a main character in the comic! and yes, no small stick figures anymore, its going to be pure and solid, with some cool shading effects I learned on my own!
   I'm making some cool stamps for people who enter the comic, so they have absolute proof it's them!!! Altough I really want them to look good, so they might take a while.

The 1st page to the comic will be here in I'm guessing a day or two, I'll try my hardest to keep a steady pace with this comic, and possibly learn how to bring up links to the picture enstead of just planting them on the page...

Whew, I got a lot to work on, better that then have nothing at all!!!

-small words, BIG UPDATE!!!!!
-Samantha Thunderdust

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The First 3 Characters REVEALED!

RWWS: Comic comming soon...

Characters: 4 remaining open spots

Thats the main update so far, and I finally got the nerve to show you guys what they look like!!!

Yeah I know, the quality of this is really bad, I'll try to improove on less messups during scetching!

So thats the update, Amber is on the left, Samantha is in the middle, and Dustin is on the right. Click to enlarge if you want to look at more details in the scetching.

Thats all the news I have so far, I'll hopefully have an update soon!!!


P.S: I'm still looking for some brave souls to help fight evil in another world!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Update poster comming soon!!!

To keep everyone on track of the new characters in my comic, I made a RWWS news page up below my blog image.
  What I have recently been working on was a colored/complete drawing of all the characters, the more that sign up, the more updates I'll have, and the more the drawing gets complete! right now there is only two characters, myth, fire, and storm so all other schools are open! and on the page you may think the characters names are a little weird, but its just the japanese names for them, and I want my comic as close to japanese style as I can!
 So I sketched the poster, now I just need to complete it with ink and other materials and it will be finished! I promise, it will look like way better quality then my last comic! and I won't ruin the comic with paint splatters, (sadly like the last comic) and if I do, I'll redo the whole thing just for you all!!

The comic will start once I have the storyline and the characters, but for now, I'm working on all 7 characters, but I can't start drawing the others unless I know who is going to be the character!

-Thanks for taking your time to read this update! keep a eye on the RWWS news page cause thats where the update poster will be!!!

Samantha Thunderdust.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Comic's have changed

Most of you probably thought of my skills as the so called 'stick figure' comic was 'incomplete'. Well, thats exsactly what I think of it now when I look back at it, in my imagination. Well, now this comic will be based on school, drama, action, etc.... but the only few things I need to do now is to

1. study the human body. (drawing shouldiers, arms, legs, etc.)
2. Make a storyline for this whole comic and base it up, completely organized.

This, I can do in my free time, especially #1. #2, however, in my case wont be the most easy or difficult part in my hand. One thing I can say is that this comic will be based on other wizard's opinions and thoughts throughout the comic, there wont be much of a main character, but what I need most help in about this whole comic base is that.....

....I need YOUR help.

Good enough? well not completely need your help, but if you had any idea about the wizard school or any fun idea you would like to see made by artwork from yours truly, then contact me!!! you can send me comments, gmail, anything you think is usefull. This is'nt to benefit me, it's to benefit ALL of you if you had any idea.

I guess thats all I have to say, remember, its optional, and you don't have to.

To all I say goodbye, and happy veterens day! (hopefully good spelling!)

-Samantha T.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I've decided!

Thanks for your feed back, I really needed it! I sat back in wonder lately, and I decided I think I am going to go on with posting and celestia, just not as often, I hope thats ok!

And no worries! I wont be dishing out a good post on something so many have posted about!!! I'll find cool glitches, tips, and even amazing and funny story's to tell you all! you deserve it!! ....Possibly I might go back into making NEW comics.... maybe even a short ANIMATION! I have been working on all of that awesome entertanment! and I wont have a giant focus on my own character, it will be on others, as well!!!!

I just got a vibe for a brand new comic comming soon...
What will be the name???

It will be called.........

but thats all I will tell you!!

My fire says goodbye!
-Samantha Thunderdust

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm.....Possibly done.

Lately, I've noticed that celestia came out, and I havent even been on once! why? I have not one single idea myself. I think I waited too long for celestia, checking the news online every single day, waiting on my days for it to come, and right when I was deciding wether or not if I should quit, it comes out. So now I'm in between a rock and a hard place, I wan't to go on, but I don't want the constant stress of the game come out and stab my real life in the back... I know that playing Wizard101 was amazing, and I was constantly smiling over and over at the game...but, I'm not so sure now. Thanks to Dustin Mooncatcher, David Titanrider, Amber Stargem, Amber Rosepetal, Kestrel Shadowthistle, Cassandra Lifecaster, and all everyone has done to try their best to keep me going on wizard101.

now, I'm not so sure.

I'd ask for advice, but I just want to know how you feel about all of this sudden burst of sadness...
Thanks for everything, everyone
-Samantha Thunderdust.

P.S: Don't take this the wrong way at all! nobody said anything personal to me on the game, this is just how I have constantly been feeling lately! warm reguards!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Funny Coincidence

Hi all! I'm back, sorry I dont have time for the storm spell tips D*: cause I need to go to school soon!!! But I'll get right to the chase. You know that dragonspyre hat, the one that covers all girls hair??? Yep, it gets soooo annoying to wear that dragon-skull thing on my head without showing my hair!!!! Why am I telling you this??? (sorry all boys and girls who like this hat..) I wont complain anymore!! I was on my Storm Grandmaster going through some storm things in my house (typical hahaha) when a single loading glitch occurred, it came to my surprise and actually made me laugh a bit. have you ever wondered what it would look like if your girls hair showed through the dragon-skull hat? well here is your answer!!!!

Now how cool is that??!! This is by far the best glitch I've seen in Wizard101, I could of had the glitch to keep going but i decided to change it back, sadly. Anyway I just thought it would be cool to share this with you all, hopefully the post was worth it!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

A new Grand Diviner is born...?

Hey everyone! sorry for all the delayed posts! as for that I can give some PvP advice. So yeah *looks up at the top* is the title really true? well YES it is, I surprisingly got my storm hat on my SECOND try from Viktor Snowcrusher (drake hatchery) when my fire takes months to try and get it! hah! (sorry fire!) well anyway I am jumping out of my seat right now I am so excited for PvP! ok, so back to the advice (note the following, if you have a storm character and a fire character you want to PvP with, and you don't know how, here is a few tips for only THESE schools.

Fire Tips:

Important spells:

use these for an advantage during offensive, and for defesive, here are some good ones to know:

Sorry but I am out of time! I'll tell you storm tips on my next post!

-Until next time (whenever that is!)

Samantha T. and Samantha R.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh my gosh, my eyes have been really amazing lately, and you may of noticed the news about Selena Gomez coming to the spiral right? well did you see her video? take a closer look ... I SEE NEW SPELLS! my guess is that the first one is balance and the second one is fire.....do you want the link to the video? well here it is:


the spells are going to be like ALADDAN and GENIES!!!! I am not sure if anyone else spotted this, but I just had to post it as soon as possible! oh wow I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!

Did you see those new spells?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Storm lord

yesterday, I finally got my storm to get to level 48, it was brutle and it even took a year, but I finally done it! with amazing results!

sigh, don't you just love final spells?

this is what I had to do to get it:
-beat five gearheads
-and talk to people


yeah, way different from fire:
-talk to some people
-fight bosses from EVERY world

so um, yeah fire was WAY harder! heh


Friday, September 3, 2010

comic #11

Dangit....sorry for the giant wait for comic #11. This comic was a major fail. I tried paint on it for the first time and it spilled all over, heh, not good! but I think i got qualities O.K, but man, the chat bubbles are HORRIBLE! (I blame my computer) well anyway, I have been trying to get this new software for drawing on my laptop, its called: manga studio (4) and I really want it. But I need to save up my money to get it......bummer...

well anyway here is the comic:

um... I think you know this but click to enlarge! heh...

please comment if you have time!!!


P.S: You guessed it! thats someone (awefully familiar....hmm) in the last panel!!!! ... but just who is this person.... yeah, you know who you are!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

AWESOME house!

Woah (coughs) that last post was really slow, sorry I havent posted really at ALL! Been getting a little bored of W101, waiting for celestia, drawing, excuse excuse haha but really it has been getting boring! D: but I explored an awesome house today and the owner's name was Benjamin Fairydust, a good friend of mine.  so here are some awesome picks!

these pictures dont even show the half of all the creativity!!!
I love the house Ben! 100% creative!

peace out

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sorry been comic making

Hey everyone its been a while! its been a little hard since I just started school, but i'll catch up!

-short post I know lol!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catching up

Hey guys, I wanted to write a bit today about the comics, for those of you who want more details in the story, or, ahem, whats happened so far then here is your chance! the story below is going to take place when Samantha woke up from a long sleep! ... all I can say is enjoy! :D

Chapter 1, Going home

Samantha's mind suddenly snapped out of her trance. She squinted her eyes, still not wanting to wake up. She groaned in pain, she didn't have time to think when suddenly random sun rays shot at her eyes trying to get her to wake up. The tired Samantha finally budged, opening her eyes slightly. Finally awake she shot up and looked around. She was in a small room, big enough to put to normal beds next to each other to take up the whole room. It had white-ish green walls with yellow floors and one window with violet curtains about as big as she was tall. Samantha scrambled around, trying to remember what happened. While collecting her memory, a sighn was on the wall. It read: 'Wizard City Hospital' Samantha looked around for more clues to why she was here. "what in the world....wait...I was in Headmaster Ambrose's tower...then? ugh! I am so confused!" she thought. Before she could look around anymore she heard a noise. It was more like a whining noise. "a Heckhound? ...no, its too low pitched, its sounds like a dragon, but its too much like a whimper, maybe--" she was cut off when she saw a familiar friend. "REX!" she shouted joyfully pulling the firezilla into a friendly embrace. "I havent seen you in a while, buddy!" she said as a small smile played on her face. "GROWL!!!" was the reply of the red dinosaur. Before the two compainions could talk the brown mahogany wooden door burst open. "Samantha! oh thank heavens your ok!" a familiar woman said. She had red eyes, with a beautiful face with no wrinkles, with a red pendant that was shaped like a sphiere. She had a long dress that was slim and went all the way down to the floor, you couldn't even see her shoes! at the bottome her carrot colored dress curved upwards, looking like moving fire, and even moved around like fire itself! upwards her hair didn't dangle down, enstead it stuck up and moved in the morning breeze like a wyldfire. Samantha's blank face quickly turned into a giant grin, showing all of her white teeth. "MASTER!! ITS YOU!!!" she said in joy. "shhh! not so loud! its five A.M so you need to keep quiet!" she said looking around worried. "oh....sorry!" Samantha whipered. "its ok! now that your fine--oh! can you walk, are you hurt?" the teacher said quickly. "well, my head hurts a little, but other than that, I feel well rested!" Samantha said proudly. "ok, come with me then, you have a lot to learn, plus I'll escort you to your home" The fire teacher said. "alright, shall we take the dragon?" Sam asked. "but of course!" the teacher said in a 'why would'nt we' way. "OH YEAH!!!!!" Samantha shouted in excitement, not even thinking. She quickly threw her hands on her lips realising what she did wrong. Now both Samantha and the Fire teacher's puples were smaller than a pebble when they heard a grouchy voice and several groans. "HEY! LOUD MOUTH!!!! ITS FIVE A.M!! BE QUIET OR I'LL HIT YOU WITH MY CANE!" the voice threatened. The voice was coming below. Samantha and the Fire teacher's voices were now in unison: "uh oh, time to go...NOW!" they both said as they whistled a call for their dragon and escaped the now seemingly angry hospital.

Chapter 2: Crimson explanations........(comming soon!)


Whew! that was fun! well this is basicly comic number nine, but the next chapter is a cut out from the comic, but I still like it! well for now I need to go, so....

Cya! ...oh and can you say hi to my dragon for me? :)


Friday, August 6, 2010

comic #10

whew! it took some work but I managed to make comic 10, and in good time too!

click to enlarge:

hope you can read it!!!

My comments on this page:
this page uses a lot of black and white! and David Titanrider (no, didnt use titan blade lol)
and Dustin Mooncatcher are introduced in this comic, while Samantha writes in a journal
(if you arent confused from comic 9, the fire teacher checks on Samantha because she wants to escort her to her home.
Now Samantha is home and writing about how her week went.)
WOW! to me where is shows David and Dustin I didn't try to hard in that panel! sorry D: so it looks a little scetchy

but this is comic 10!!!!!! My first comic EVER to reach 10 pages!!!!!!

well I should check on W101 for anything new xD

so chao!

P.S: Don't you just LOVE that little cute stormzilla at the bottom? I know I do!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random test realm

The test realm is back!!! but to our info reading about what its for made me hapilly squeal. The info went a little bit like this:

title: Party in the Test Realm!

To improve the performance of Wizard 101 for all our players, we've been updating our login servers to speed up the time it takes to log in the game.

(ill get to another good part, the rest is just talking about what the test realm is)

So log in, log out, log back into the test realm and really stress out our new logn servers to the fullest. With your help, we'll be able to make logging in faster for everyone.


Pretty neat huh? well this is really intresting to me. FINALLY, BETTER LOADING! WOOT!!!!

kick malistares butt

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey everyone! its been a few days since I last posted. I am just here to give you a quick update today.

I have been working some ways on the comics whenever I have free time, so I am just here to say hi.

Hope I didn't miss anything hahaha xD


Wow a really short post :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

COMIC 9!!!! ....and random bloggers party

YES!!!! finally i finished comic 9!!!! CELEBRATE!!!!!! hahahaha ok so here is the comic:

note: i tried to make the chat bubbles better, by adding text, tell me how it is, i know it may be a little sloppy at first but i will learn eventually :D

click to enlarge ^^  anyway comment on this the text is new so i need an opinion to the new chat :)

well.... cya----

(sorry for shouting haha)

There was a short bloggers party today here is a photo:

funny huh?
there was at least over 10 people!

it all started when me and David (Titanrider)
ported to Benjamin Fairydust's PvP match,
more people ported and ported!
at max there was 15 people i think
cool huh?

also if you hadnt noticed, i am now an OFFCIAL bloggers club member, as shown to the right

well thats all i can say now!
i got a lot to do, so Cya fellow bloggers and W101 players!
-Samantha Thunderdust

Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic 9 coming soon!!!

So yeah, the title says it all, I will post comic 9 TOMORROW!!!!! the new detail is REALLY cool! be sure to check it tomorrow, I'd say i would post it around 12:00 pm (eastern time zone)

so yeah, thats all thats to it,

uhhh, anything left to say?

no? yes? ..............oh right!!!!

My storyline for the comic has come along nicely, in fact I have been working on it quite a lot recently!

I have the comic already up to page 12, but adding special effects makes it even better! :D

well thats all I have to say for now, haha its 10:40 pm so I think I should start to work on wording my comics and fixing it up on the interet. Haha well whats left to say?

all that is left is this:

I cant wait for CELESTIA!!!!!! hahahahaha

Well Cya Tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lvl 45

Today my Storm alt LEVELED UPNow they are level 45, I got a cool picture of her new gear:

here is a closer picture (i know the first one is hard to see xD)

TAA DAA!!! hahaha, I love the dragon designs

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today,  I was questing on my storm character, who is now lvl 44! (anyway) i was in the great spiral doing the storyline when i saw that when you go into the past dragonspyre its SO pretty, i took some foto's of the time machine too, its really cool!

(time machine)

(dragonspyre, 100 years ago i think)

(notice that its water enstead of lava)

isnt the past dragonspyre so wonderful?

it looks, so.....peaceful


Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm back!

Hey, everyone! after a long week I finally came back! I know its been a major while D: but I am going to try to post new things when I am going to go to michigan (most likely August 1st) my family up there has a family computer they let me use all the time so i think ill be able to post.

well anyways its good to be back!!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whats just weird

Ok i might seem a little dumb for not noticing this but i took a picture in mooshu on my way to a quest, and i noticed this:

I dont know if you see it, but look to the left of me, idk if anyone noticed this or its apart of the warehouse quest, but the words of the book say "book of CELESTIAL WISDOM," ..... if you missed the last part:
Ring a bell from Celestia? i wonder if this gives you advice on celestia, or if it was just apart of the quest and i am being a little excited for nothing...?

have you noticed this before?


Thursday, July 8, 2010


on Monday I wont be here, I am sad to say I need to put the comics on hold ... Sorry I am going to Surf Camp
to learn how to surf, (why? because its just something I always wanted to learn) anyways I need to stay at my grandmothers house, and her computer is really slow.....so ill be taking a break for I think 4 days. In the mean time ill practice my drawing skills a little more so I will be even better when i get back :D

-sorry I will be gone for a while


 P.S, Just for the record Dustin Mooncatcher and David Titanrider (hope i spelled correctly) have wandcast going on at 8:30 (eastern time) just for a reminder!  

-Good luck guys!!!

 Surfer 1

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whats been on my mind

Ok there is one thing i have been having on my mind:

What if I made an Animated opening scean for the Fearless fire wizard?

thats what I have had on my mind for a while, like a little mini short I would make for the Fearless Fire wizard, a short moving picture? the only thing is that I dont know how to do that xD so I might learn, maybe some day ill make the fearless fire wizard actually a moving picture o: we wont know until I learn how! :D

Its a strange idea isnt it?


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 2 new comics and introducing new characters

Finally i got done coloring comics 7 and 8, we have 2 new characters that will be a part of the storyline, and i made it official. But (dont worry guys) they had a small part in comic 8, but ill put them in the detailed comic really soon! (this is all i am revealing: these new characters are the first to visit Samantha after a mysterious problem)

anyway here are comics 7 and 8:

Click to enlarge

Oh i also have some awesome news!!!
Starting next comic will be the NEW HIGH DETAIL!!!!!

One more thing:
 Flag Wave  Happy Hat  Smiley Fireworks 


Friday, July 2, 2010

Computer drawing

Lately I have been getting a little bored, so I have been drawing a lot lately on the computer, you know when you can paint and stuff? well i drew a new blog picture above ^ as you may of noticed, i also drew this for starters:

I guess being bored has its advantages, right? ^-^
 o plus my pet just hatched too as i was writing this, hahaha

-Samantha :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My new pet

I got yet ANOTHER egg recently, ugh maybe I wasnt so lucky the first time cause i got another helephant (like malorn said) in the egg in the last post, but now i am happy, and you know why? i just got a new pet! i went to the dye shop after I mixed balance Orthrus and Helephant, this is what you get if you have the helephant:

amazing isnt it? :D its armor is AMAZING! so i am in a happy mood right now xD


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new egg

Today i hatched a Hydra pet and a Helephant pet, apparently i got a cool fire egg, hopefully its a fire hydra!! :D

Bye for now!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

weird message about celestia

SO  you all know about the new test realm out, right? well i was in the middle of the pre-quest and i got a few good pictures in....here are some:

I know its hard to see but the enemies in the last picture have bug faces! maybe bugs will be our enemies in Celestia, we will never know until it comes out!!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

cool wallpapers

Hi everyone! i was browsing http://www.wizard101.com/ when i found some fun stuff! along with some cool wallpapers i thought were intresting, here are some i thought were the best:

arent wizard101's Artists AMAZING??!! go to http://www.wizard101.com/ for some more really cool wallpapers

stay sunny!

Friday, June 25, 2010

the traitor!

Hey all! here is what i have been doing today:

On my storm alt I was going through a few queting from the main storyline, i havent beaten the game in a while! since Samantha Thunderdust became grand, which was about a year ago xD. But anyways i forgot some of the Dragonspyre world questing at the begining. Do you remember Zarathax? the dragon guy you first encounter to start questing with in dragonspyre? (you know, a greyish-orange-red color, and always adds more than one 's' when talking? for exs: yesssssssss.....oh you get the picture! xD) well apparently i had to unlock those crystal things only to fall for his dirty little tricks yet AGAIN!!!!! because apparently he wants power to himself! well i knocked him dead in no time because he was being a little dramatic hahahaha. Here is a few pictures to jog your memory (if you havent already!)

yeah his color is hard to decribe for me lol!

shame zarathax shame.... xD!

keep your good spell on!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the new cartoon

As you all may know, (like i said last post) i was making new comic styles, the storyline fits into place perfectly!!! and now, you'll get to see what the style of drawing i am using, here is a practice scetch, i messed up a little on it, but hey, you cant be perfect while practicing!!! xD this will also go into the 'ideas and drawing' page, but ill post it here too so you dont have to go to the page. Hope you enjoy it!!!

((click to enlarge))

post comments on what you think!

Monday, June 21, 2010

i am back!!

Sorry that i havent posted in a while! ill let you know that I was really busy last week, ill just say that I had nationals with my team. But anyway i cant hold back to telling you guys this anymore!

My comics i noticed looked a little stick-figure-ish, and it was making me wonder that...what if i upped the cartoon style a bit? i already did a picture in the 'ideas and drawing' page, and i think thats what i am going to make my comic style. I didnt just figure out how to draw them while i was gone, but now i am making that style comic!!! if you like the stick-figure-style, ill still be making some special comics where the characters are cartoon again. But any comments on this? tell me what you think of this idea so i wont go crazy! :)

your Comic Creator:
Samantha Thunderdust

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Mega snack pack opinion

Hi everyone, i have an announcement to make:

Ahem, this is my opinion on the snack pack (MY OPINION ONLY!!!! so dont get offencive)

Yes, a Mega snack pack is indeed, a powerful item(s), but i feel strange when thinking about it....

You see, a while ago i was obsessed with a gamesystem called: The Nintendo DS (light) and i was just so frustrated with it, i wanted to be the best in the games all the time!

So i got a cheat code thing called Action replay, it gave me boosts, and jumps to help me with each level. (STOP!! kind of like the snack pack huh?)

after i beat most of my games with it i grew bored with them, because i beat them so quickly and i just buzzed through them, it almost didnt seem fair for the little game packages!

I didnt get so bored until AFTER i used codes to help me get better in the game, and i learned a lesson:
"its not about BEATING the game most of the time, but enjoying it as you go along" now i follow these words a lot because i didnt use Action Replay after i learned how annoyed i got once i beat the games

when you dont boost up (to me) in an actual game, say wizard101 when your training your pet, if you buy a snack pack, it wont give you the awesome joy that you worked so hard for your pet to lvl, you will just get bored once your pet reaches epic. I am not saying to buy a mega snack pack because its like cheating, i am saying wouldnt it be so much more fun if you worked so hard for your pet to lvl them up? then you know you did a good job raising it because you worked hard for it to lvl?

just to put it out there
wow this post was long!!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

episode 2 comic 6

Hey all again! (wow 3 posts in one day huh) we are now into episode 2!!!

I made the scetch of comic 7, but for now enjoy!!!!

click to enlarge

comic 7 8 and 9 will be coming soon!!!
enjoy the rest of the comics!!!