This site is plainly about wizard 101, if you dont know about this then maybe if you are a gamer you and possibly your family would be on a journey of a lifetime!!! go to www.wizard101.com for more info on this game. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new egg

Today i hatched a Hydra pet and a Helephant pet, apparently i got a cool fire egg, hopefully its a fire hydra!! :D

Bye for now!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

weird message about celestia

SO  you all know about the new test realm out, right? well i was in the middle of the pre-quest and i got a few good pictures in....here are some:

I know its hard to see but the enemies in the last picture have bug faces! maybe bugs will be our enemies in Celestia, we will never know until it comes out!!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

cool wallpapers

Hi everyone! i was browsing http://www.wizard101.com/ when i found some fun stuff! along with some cool wallpapers i thought were intresting, here are some i thought were the best:

arent wizard101's Artists AMAZING??!! go to http://www.wizard101.com/ for some more really cool wallpapers

stay sunny!

Friday, June 25, 2010

the traitor!

Hey all! here is what i have been doing today:

On my storm alt I was going through a few queting from the main storyline, i havent beaten the game in a while! since Samantha Thunderdust became grand, which was about a year ago xD. But anyways i forgot some of the Dragonspyre world questing at the begining. Do you remember Zarathax? the dragon guy you first encounter to start questing with in dragonspyre? (you know, a greyish-orange-red color, and always adds more than one 's' when talking? for exs: yesssssssss.....oh you get the picture! xD) well apparently i had to unlock those crystal things only to fall for his dirty little tricks yet AGAIN!!!!! because apparently he wants power to himself! well i knocked him dead in no time because he was being a little dramatic hahahaha. Here is a few pictures to jog your memory (if you havent already!)

yeah his color is hard to decribe for me lol!

shame zarathax shame.... xD!

keep your good spell on!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the new cartoon

As you all may know, (like i said last post) i was making new comic styles, the storyline fits into place perfectly!!! and now, you'll get to see what the style of drawing i am using, here is a practice scetch, i messed up a little on it, but hey, you cant be perfect while practicing!!! xD this will also go into the 'ideas and drawing' page, but ill post it here too so you dont have to go to the page. Hope you enjoy it!!!

((click to enlarge))

post comments on what you think!

Monday, June 21, 2010

i am back!!

Sorry that i havent posted in a while! ill let you know that I was really busy last week, ill just say that I had nationals with my team. But anyway i cant hold back to telling you guys this anymore!

My comics i noticed looked a little stick-figure-ish, and it was making me wonder that...what if i upped the cartoon style a bit? i already did a picture in the 'ideas and drawing' page, and i think thats what i am going to make my comic style. I didnt just figure out how to draw them while i was gone, but now i am making that style comic!!! if you like the stick-figure-style, ill still be making some special comics where the characters are cartoon again. But any comments on this? tell me what you think of this idea so i wont go crazy! :)

your Comic Creator:
Samantha Thunderdust

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Mega snack pack opinion

Hi everyone, i have an announcement to make:

Ahem, this is my opinion on the snack pack (MY OPINION ONLY!!!! so dont get offencive)

Yes, a Mega snack pack is indeed, a powerful item(s), but i feel strange when thinking about it....

You see, a while ago i was obsessed with a gamesystem called: The Nintendo DS (light) and i was just so frustrated with it, i wanted to be the best in the games all the time!

So i got a cheat code thing called Action replay, it gave me boosts, and jumps to help me with each level. (STOP!! kind of like the snack pack huh?)

after i beat most of my games with it i grew bored with them, because i beat them so quickly and i just buzzed through them, it almost didnt seem fair for the little game packages!

I didnt get so bored until AFTER i used codes to help me get better in the game, and i learned a lesson:
"its not about BEATING the game most of the time, but enjoying it as you go along" now i follow these words a lot because i didnt use Action Replay after i learned how annoyed i got once i beat the games

when you dont boost up (to me) in an actual game, say wizard101 when your training your pet, if you buy a snack pack, it wont give you the awesome joy that you worked so hard for your pet to lvl, you will just get bored once your pet reaches epic. I am not saying to buy a mega snack pack because its like cheating, i am saying wouldnt it be so much more fun if you worked so hard for your pet to lvl them up? then you know you did a good job raising it because you worked hard for it to lvl?

just to put it out there
wow this post was long!!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

episode 2 comic 6

Hey all again! (wow 3 posts in one day huh) we are now into episode 2!!!

I made the scetch of comic 7, but for now enjoy!!!!

click to enlarge

comic 7 8 and 9 will be coming soon!!!
enjoy the rest of the comics!!!

comics 4, 5, .....and soon 6

ok guys, i put up comics 4 and 5,after a long wait the story continues!! now that school is over, ill be able to make so many more comics than you can imagine!!!
 I hope you all have been enjoying the story so far, here are the comics:(if you need to look at the past comics, go to the "fearless's awesome comics" page or just click there for the new comics)

I hope you like the story so far!!!!
ill post again today for comic 6, but in the mean time ill see you all later!!!
btw: click the pictures to enlarge

the awesome triton

Do you know whats awesome? well yes, all of you but i mean just plainly awesome? well, ahem.......I GOT MY TRITON CARD ON MY STORM ALT!
......Sorry for that outburst, i just am so happy for her!!! she only needs 5 more levels until grand. Here is some cool pictures i took for storm lovers!

enjoy your time on wizard 101!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my storm alt

so my storm alt got some new clothes, she looks so much better now she is out of marleybone!! take a looksie:

well thats all the news i have now, cya!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

check out some changes

Alright, comic 4 and 5 are done, i am just finishing comic number 6 for you all so we can get into the next episode. Heh but thats not what this post is really about.
  What this post is about is that i made a few changes on this site, at the top i am sponsering wizard101, and on the bottom, the AWESOME SLIDE SHOW! xD. So ill be adding more gadgets to make this site more awesome, and possibly ill be subscribing to the wizard101 site to make this site an official blog for wizard101!!! how awesome is that??!! but first ill need to make this as amusing as possible, do you all have any ideas how i can make cool topics at the top? ^-^ i could use the advice.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Your probably wondering, when i will post the new comics, dont worry at all! the comics are safe on their path, i am just making a lot so you can follow the storyline quicker! i will give you comics 4, 5, 6, and maybe even 7! i just need to color them in and do some more inking. So then the comics will be ready! once Sam and Amber get out of that weird place they were in, then you will see way more characters! ;D i cant wait too add more characters, it makes the story more ...... colorful! :D anyways i just wanted to let you know that, and now i am in summer, ill be making more like crazy!!!!!!

Oh i took a picture in the fire tower in ravenwood i think you will like it!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

David, dont quit!

yeah, the title says it all. David TitanRider is thinking about quitting! because wizard101 has been frustraiting for him and it was a challenge.

i give my thanks to david and dustin. They gave me the idea to make this site. And before i made this site, i was going through boredom on wizard101 and i was 2 steps away from quitting.....until david and dustin convinced me not to.

David, please dont go, the game can be frustrating, but i have lost friends already on this game...really good ones of mine too, just keep trying and next thing you know your pets an epic! :)

-your friend,
Samantha (you know who i am! xD)

in loving memory of Danielle Spirittail and AlexanderDarkblade.

and P.S, hopefully i can get better with peoples names, cause so far i am not so good at that!

Monday, June 7, 2010

lord rex LVLED UP!!!!!

lord rex is my flamezilla, i am so happy for him, and look, see for yourselves why:

that and this:

yes! my flamezilla evolved into an ancient!!!!! ^-^
xD i am so happy! and so is rexie!!

have some fun on 101,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I havent posted in a while

hey guys! sorry i havent been posting in a while, no i am not quitting, i am just getting to final exams in my school so i havent had the time to post and all that. well i have some cool pictures that you might enjoy!
lol this is on my storm alt, we are fighting nobody! xD

my storm alt's first wild bolt :D

well thats all for now, i have more fun pictures, but ill put them on other posts! xD
bye everyone! i wont be long!