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Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm a fickle pickle

What would be a plant that best suits my personality right now? a fickle pickle. Thanks for all your encouragement everyone, I think I'm just going to need some relaxation, for a little. I think what I thought was bothering me all along was that I would of needed to go on wizard101 more often if I wanted to become 'legendary' or 'complete', while, in fact, I didn't want to become obsessed with the game again (yes, again, I know and I'll admit, I was pretty glued to my computer screen when I first started playing wizard101)

I think I should also let my skills for artwork become more relaxed and trained by the time I start the comic, when I'm fresh with ideas and imagination.

Right now, I'm posting some of my main artwork on another site, (an artwork site) if you feel like exploring on and in an artwork mood, click here .

but other than that, thats all I really need to say.

As always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust

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