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Friday, February 4, 2011

After much debate....

After much debate....woah, deja vu!

I finally got in some online practice of Samantha Thunderdust, and after finalizing the results, she will look somewhat like this:

I thought really long and hard on how I wanted her to look, sort of like a teenager-but at the same time really carefree and simple. So hopefully her image can stay this way so I can make the action-sceans more complex.

I know that you have been watiting for the comic for a while, I just want to let you know I am NOT on vacation or whatever you call it that has to do with resting! I have really been working hard on this whole comic and I want it to turn out wonderful--so I have to (although I really don't want to) study buildings and backrounds before anything!!

Well, I haven't talked much on this site in a while, but thats the update!!
Always and Always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust.

P.S: I'm still looking for characters so if you want to join please contact me and send me a picture of your wizard so I can get to practicing!!!


  1. That's a pretty neat picture of Samantha! It kinda reminds me of an anime drawing. As for the character thing I wish you luck in that.

    Oh I've got one:
    Rebecca Duskglade lvl 40 Master Theurgist
    As for a picture of her, on the header of my blog she is on the top-left, right next to the word 'of'.
    (By the way your comic is pretty kewl)

  2. Awesome drawing as it is! Take your time :)

  3. I remember I asked to be on the cartoon. Here is a pic below (won't show up at first, but go to the link).

  4. Oh, here is the link below: