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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leaked Information! Amber Stargem!

Ok! runner up character, Amber stargem, Will be known as something like this...

And No, she won't have pijamas as main clothes! She will definetly have more W101 related clothes, But since she is a person who loves to wear new things (just like in-game Amber Stargem) She will never have a main outfit.

That being said... The next drawing will be of...Dustin Mooncatcher!

but here is a few things about Amber Stargem's character:

Personality: outgoing, adventurous, even a little strange at times...
W101 school: Myth, and life.
Occupation: Grand Wizard school. (along with Samantha!)
Other: Right now, she is awesome friends with Samantha Thunderdust, They walk to school together and have the same ellectives as classes, whereas she is the one to cheer Samantha up whenever she doesn't have enough confidence; Samantha tells her about everything she can.

Amber Stargem will be a big character on friendship, although she doesn't play W101 anymore, she asked if she could be in the comic, so this one character is a giant thank-you for her being one of my first awesome BFF's in W101!

so, thank you Amber!!

(for the record, if it werent for Amber Stargem, then this blog would of never been made! She introduced me to David Titanrider and Dustin Mooncatcher, who inspired me to create a blog, so way to go, Amber!)

Thats the slow...calm...Update!!!

Oh, and for the people who celebrated yesterday, Happy...presidents day, was it??? (hopefully!)

okay, happy day AFTER presidents day!!!

Always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust.

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