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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color...color...and, Samantha??!!

Um, so, the title is a little strange...?

I've been using color differently recently (ly ly ly!) So this is a whole new style covered for me, its a little messy, but hey, its called a 'scetch' not the actual thing!!! ;D

So, Um, take a look:

yeah, I changed up her hair. But it's an ANIME comic for crying out loud!!!
I rushed the jeans, and I got the size of them a little off...

What the main focus is: her hair. I made my own style of awesome hair, don't worry guys (Dustin and Amber) I won't change the style of Wizard101, OR your characters, This is my character, so I wanted to make her stand out a bit, eh?

well another focus you might want to study (ohmygosh, HOMEWORK) I'm not finished, You might want to study the language on the side, (if you want to know what they are writing/reading, or I'll just put in a deciferer on the bottom of each word..) its a made-up language for wizard city, and yes, I'm going to have to study celestian text If they are going to go to celestia...

well, this is just the drawing board, so if you have any ideas for the comic (landscapes, characters, critiques) then let me know, I'll definetly want to listen!!

As always and always will be...
-Samantha Thunderdust

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  1. Lolz.... The one for M reminds me of a "Durf" (iCarly) xD

    ~The LotusPetal